Saturday 30 Mar 2019 7:30pm - 1:00am


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Saturday 30 Mar 2019 7:30pm - 1:00am

Part performance, part dance floor and party, the ever popular Latin party Ay Pachanga returns to the Manning Bar to celebrate the colourful birth of Salsa, a genre born in 1970’s New York, and the record label that propelled the genre to the world stage - Fania Records.

A 10 piece all-star band, led by Martin Taylor will play the classics and more. Dancers from Buena Vista Dance, Dance Mambo and Studio 101 Dance, will appear throughout the evening to perform the styles that we popular at the time – Salsa, Boogaloo, Cha Cha Cha and more.  When not soaking up the funky sounds or watching the performances, the audience will be encouraged to get down and boogie to the soundscape of Latin New York.

The dance floor will stay open post show until 1am, thanks to the ever popular D J Senor Bolivar – a household name in the Australian Latin scene, and an expert in all things Salsa.

Salsa was born around the 60’s and 70’s in New York. The city at the time was a melting pot of musicians hailing from various Latin countries, in particular Puerto Rico and Cuba. Their sounds, such as son cubano, mambo, cha cha cha, guaracha, bolero (to name a few) collided with the Funk, Disco, Soul and Jazz being that existed in NY,  to produce new hybrids such as Boogaloo, Latin Jazz and Salsa. Although the word “salsa” was originally a marketing term to house the various genres of Latin music at the time, it later evolved into its own unique style - a fusion of its afro Caribbean roots and Latin Jazz.
Fania Records was conceived in the heart of this era, by Dominican-born composer and bandleader Johnny Pacheco and Italian-American lawyer Jerry Masucci in 1964. Just as soul music was driven by the success of the Motown label in the 1960s, Salsa was driven by its own record label, Fania Records.  Fania was effectively a collection of the most influential salsa musicians of the time, such as Willie Colon, Celia Cruz, Larry Harlow, Ray Barretto, Rubén Blades, Héctor Lavoe, Cheo Feliciano, plus more – known in this day as the pioneers of Salsa Music.
Polish your dance moves  and get ready to party with us!

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