THE AINTS PLAY THE SAINTS ('73-'78) - Encore!

Friday 09 Mar 2018 8:00pm - 11:45pm


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$55 + BF

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Friday 09 Mar 2018 8:00pm - 11:45pm

With special guests feedtime

The Aints, the powerhouse vehicle of singer / guitarist Ed Kuepper, bassist Peter Oxley and drummer Paul Larsen, encore in Sydney this March performing the material of Kuepper’s adolescent band The Saints (’73 - ’78). Keyboardist Alister Spence and a 3-piece brass section complete the 2018 Aints with underground legends feedtime joining the undercard.
"The primal Nights In Venice lifts the intensity factor exponentially, dissolving into squalls of guitar as Kuepper busts out an incredible solo with the band maintaining the tension behind him.”  - Brisbane review / The Music
But wait, there’s more … in addition to the live shows The Aints will record an album - working title ‘The Church Of Simultaneous Existence’ - comprised entirely of songs written by Kuepper in the period 1973 - 1978.

''Things had started to move fairly quickly once The Saints recorded  [I'm] Stranded (Fatal Records) in mid ’76. We recorded three albums over the next two years as well as doing a fair it of touring, and for a while things were looking very promising, however, business problems, compounded by personal and artistic differences meant the band didn't get around to recording all the material I had lying forty [very] odd years later it occurred to me that these songs might well have made up a hypothetical 4th album....The Church of the Simultaneous Existence.....the songs that refused to die....performed in much the way they would have had the band not split up in 1978’’ - Ed Kuepper (on the until now, lost songs of The Saints.
The Aints recording begins this April while The Aints Play The Saints (’73 - ’78) perform live this March.
"We will hear these songs, outside the live context, and perhaps some other newer ones when The Aints go into a studio in 2018. Now, that is an exciting prospect" -