Bonnie Tangey is a comedian and scientist. RawComedy Runner up 2017 and Comedy Zone 2018 cast, Bonnie also appeared on Comedy Up Late and Tonightly With Tom Ballard. Her highly successful first solo, Yuck, sold out shows at the Sydney Comedy Festival 2021.

Bonnie’s new show, Lab Meat,isabout her day job working as a scientist on lab-grown meat, which is meat grown from stem cells rather than whole animals. Lab-grown meat promises to save animals and the environment, but will it really? Bonnie recently spent months making a huge meatball, using DNA from an extinct species. Was that the best use of her time? Will lab meat really save the planet? Wouldn’t it be better for scientists to clone David Attenborough? Clone and eat David Attenborough? Who knows… Bonnie doesn't. 

Dry and delightfully kooky…she’s here to do something very differentHerald Sun

Strongly recommendDaily Review

There’s a slightly disquieting edge to this initially winsome personality, which adds an intriguing touch of grit Chortle