Destroy All Lines is proud to present Caligula's Horse ‘Charcoal Grace’ Australian East Coast tour.

April 2024 sees the return of Caligula's Horse on their first headline tour in two years in support of their latest album ‘Charcoal Grace’ out January 26th 2024.

Charcoal Grace is the 6th studio album from Caligula's Horse, and it combines raw rockpower with immense emotional depth. Charcoal Grace is borne of the static hopelessness that the pandemic forced upon the band and, indeed, much of the world, these past few years. It is an album reckoning with the experiences and outcomes of this time geared, ultimately, towards catharsis - moving towards a more hopeful future.

The title Charcoal Grace is described by the band as “the grim allure and strange beauty in stillness, silence, and loss”.  This can be heard through the album's 10-minute opening track “The World Breathes With Me,” a mission statement for the album’s main themes. Musically, it’s a work of contrasts, moving from the lightest ebb to the heaviest flow. Meanwhile, the second track and first single from the album, “Golem,” examines struggling with the weight of expectation through the pandemic. It’s a heavy song with an emphasis on riffs and driving rhythms.

At the center of the album is the 4-part title track suite, a 24-minute opus that pushes deeper into the album’s foundational themes: connection, alienation, and the ways humanity acts under duress. Musically, it covers every facet of the band’s vocabulary, from heavy and dense orchestral-accompanied intensity embodying the song’s darkest lyrical ideas, through to soft acoustic-driven moments and introspection.

Joining them for the ride will be special guest Wheel all the way from Finland. This will be Australia's first opportunity to see ‘Charcoal Grace’ performed and not to be missed!