Meditation retreats. Corporate 'families'. F45. Competitive debating. Improv... CULT SH!T is everywhere these days. 

And Grace Zhang loves it!! Loves a cult. In fact she's fanging to join one. If only they'd have her!!!

CULT SH!T, the debut stand-up hour from Grace Zhang, tells the story of how spirituality, quitting her corporate job, the Michael Jordan documentary and smoking lots of w33d helped her wake up from the hyperrational technocapitalist nightmare cult we call ‘the world’.

Over the course of this hour Grace weaves a psychedelic tapestry of unhinged takes on feminism, 'genius' 3am stoner revelations and miscellaneous post-therapy reflections on her Asian-immigrant achievement complex. In a fun way.

Grace is an indie darling/rising star/hot girl of the Melbourne comedy scene. She was a member of the iconic Comedy Festival showcase Breast of the Fest in 2023 and is a returning Breastie in 2024.

CULT SH!T is directed by Claire Hooper, Australian comedy and TV icon, and (in Grace’s words) "the slayest elder millennial in the game".


Is this a cult?
No :)

For real tho is this a cult?
Yes. No. Maybe. Nah defs not.

Then why is it called CULT SH!T?
Come find out bby.

Are you earnestly spiritual or are you making fun of spirituality?

Who hurt you?
I have seen the beginning and the end. I have gazed into the nether world beyond. The illusion of separateness and duality is merely that – an illusion. Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form.

Note: For legal reasons we can’t tell you to come to this show high.