First Time in Australia since 1993!

“You forget how many great songs they have in their catalogue and as they pump them out the crowd is in rapture” (Louder Than War)

Cool as **** Legendary Manchester band INSPIRAL CARPETS are reuniting for a Greatest Hits Tour. An integral part of the Madchester scene along with the Stone Roses, Charlatans, Happy Mondays and James this will be their First Time in Australia since 1993!!!

Their Greatest Hits set list will include - ‘This Is How It Feels’, indie-dancefloor banger ‘Dragging Me Down’, ‘Two Worlds Collide’, ‘She Comes in the Fall’, ‘Joe’, ‘Saturn 5’ and much more 

“It will be a celebration of the music we created, which has brought so much joy to people over the last 34 years”