The popularity of K-Pop is rising globally, but Korea has much more to offer! We bring to you ‘K-Indie Music Festival’ where you can enjoy K-Indie’s diverse expression of sound.

This Festival brings you K-Indie’s representatives and the genre’s best, from South Korea: CHEEZE and SO SOO BIN from Magic Strawberry Sound as well as Korean-Australian Indie artists JYLPO and Peace Kwon.

CHEEZE is an artist who sings various emotions projected into the present, much like the diverse flavours of different cheeses. CHEEZE has participated in many K-drama OST's like <Hometown Cha cha cha>, <Start up>, <It's okay not to be okay>, <Forecasting Love and Weather> and more, which has brought her international fame. Through consecutive releases including How do you think, Never loved this way before, Madeline love and more, she established herself as a solo singer song writer and has received much love. Her songs contains a youthful and pure essence, and a positive energy. CHEEZE has charted and sold out solo concerts within a minute, breaking down the boundaries of the indie scene and continuously proving herself to be a successful musician to her many listeners.

Don't miss CHEEZE'S live performance this July!

So Soo Bin debuted in 2016 with his self-produced project, [Shy] and has been building his own warm and delicate musical world with his unique voice, and is proving his ability once again to his listeners. He participated in K-drama OST for <Crash Landing on you>, <A-Teen> and <Miss Independent Jieun> and has been receiving a lot of love. So Soo Bin plays the acoustic guitar and creates blue style performances, as well as using the electric guitar to perform pop music. As an artist with even more potential, his music is expected to become deeper and wider in the future.

Come and fall in love with So Soo Bin's sweet music and unique voice filled with many emotions!

Hailing from Korea and now living in Sydney, JYLPO is a fresh new artist to be carving out a league of his own. Not bound by a particular genre, he focuses on being avant-garde. With free flowing ideas, he enjoys creating music off the back of his latest disposition. The cornerstone of his current music is

JYLPO is a fun loving character with the sweetest soul which compliments the passion of his music. He began uploading his music to Sound cloud when he was 15 and by the time he was 17, realised that no matter where he was in the world, music was his home. JYLPO has accumulated over 40 million streams but they won’t stop there. His sound is divergent, unique and unprecedented.

Come and enjoy JYLPO's music with us!

Sydney based Singer-Songwriter/Producer PEACE KWON aka, The Dominant Peace, has been developing her career as an independent solo artist since 2018.Adding the nature and chill vibes of Sydney in her nostalgic music with a hint of aesthetic city night vibes with the essence of South Korea, her country of birth, Peace writes, records, produces and mixes her music and beats.

Peace released her debut Single “NO MORE” globally on November 11th 2020 with a full scale promotional campaign that established her brand with creative projects that followed along. Fans can stay tuned via her social media to embrace the journey as Peace sets sail upon her career as an independent solo artist.

Don't miss 'K-Indie Music Festival' this July for an amazing winter night!