Start Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute perform 'Speaking In Tongues’ in full + Greatest Hits

Direct from the USA, Start Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute celebrate the Talking Heads Classic “Speaking in Tongues” (This Must Be the Place, Burning Down the House, Girlfriend is Better, Slippery People) performing the album in Full plus an Encore of other Talking Heads Hits - Psycho Killer, Once in a Lifetime, Road to Nowhere, And She Was, Take Me to the River, Life During Wartime and many more.

Much more than an ordinary tribute band, Start Making Sense recreate the spectacle of the new-wave art punk band you loved from the 80s - Talking Heads.

“They played the great Talking Heads songs with expert skill… they preserved the original arrangements and all their complexities”

“The closest thing to the original one could hope for. When I closed my eyes, I couldn't discern any difference”

“Expertly done”

“Constant motion, dancing, including all the DB mannerisms and even The Big Suit!”

“Once in a lifetime experience to hear and feel the theatrical roll out of this amazing tribute”

“Performed with such enthusiasm and musical precision… The stage presence and mannerisms, the stellar vocals… impeccable!”

“Jon Braun looks, moves, dances, and sings like David Byrne. If you’re a Talking Heads fan Start Making Sense is a must see!”

“Spot on. Talking Heads catalogue is played with zeal. You not only see and hear all the work and dedication that went into this level of performance, you also feel the love”